Icelandic mining calculator may have surfaced in China

During a raid last month, the Chinese authorities seized 600 stolen mining computers, according to local news. The Icelandic police have now filed a request to check whether the machines were stolen from Iceland at the beginning of the year. After a spectacular series of thieves, they had apparently disappeared from the island. So far, investigators have been groping in the dark.

With a trip around half the globe, the case could add another portion of the news spy

After 600 mining computers were seized during a raid in Tianjin in northern China at the end of April, the Icelandic authorities speculate that the devices could be no less than the missing Icelandic ones. According to onlinebetrug last week, the police have now made an official request for testing.

During a month-long series of thefts, nearly 600 computers worth 1.65 million euros had been stolen on the Atlantic island since December and apparently disappeared from the news spy.

According to police chief Olafur Helgi Kiartansson, the Icelanders considered the act to be „a serious theft on an unprecedented scale“. The island has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Despite a suspended reward of the equivalent of almost 50,000 euros, the authorities have so far been groping in the dark in their hunt for the computers.

But not so in the investigations of the responsible persons: So far the investigators have arrested 22 suspects, among them the alleged mastermind of the theft series Sindri Thor Stefansson. He is currently in Dutch custody waiting for his extradition.

With the help of accomplices, Stefansson managed the spectacular escape from prison to Sweden last month. It caused a sensation above all because he was sitting under a false name on the same plane as Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir. A few days later, however, Stefansson was arrested in Amsterdam by means of a European arrest warrant.

Should the Chinese find prove to be Icelandic, the case would find its curious final chapter.

Electricity consumption revealed stolen Bitcoin secret

The Chinese authorities were struck last month by the unusually high power consumption of the buildings in which the devices were used. More info about the Bitcoin secret. The local news agency Xinhuanet, which reported the discovery, called it „the biggest power theft in recent years“. Allegedly, the suspects had bridged the electricity meter in order to avoid the otherwise probably considerable bill of their intensive consumption. This is needed to provide the computing power needed for the digging process. To dig a single Bitcoin secret alone, up to 1,500 euros of electricity is currently being used. This repeatedly leads to discussions about the ecological sustainability of crypto currencies.

Mining has been strictly regulated in China since January. Until then, Chinese miners accounted for almost 70 percent of the world’s computing power, now they are reorienting themselves. In the book of the authorities, however, environmental concerns weighed less heavily than concerns about state control of the currency area. In the autumn of last year, the Middle Kingdom had already put on tough bandages in the fight against crypto currencies and in an offensive banned both stock market activities and the issue of new currencies.

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