Gold chain meets blockchain: Canada’s largest jeweller accepts Bitcoin

The Canadian Birks Group, the largest jewellery manufacturer and seller by its own account, now accepts Bitcoin as its means of payment.

Bitcoin payments will be processed by the US cryptosoft payment service provider BitPay

Bling, bling: In Canada, customers in selected branches of the Birks jewelry chain can now pay with BTC. The cryptosoft company announced this in a press release on onlinebetrug. Initially, however, the service will only be available in eight of Birks‘ 26 stores.

Jean-Christophe Bédos, President and CEO of Birks Group, is open to the new technology:

„As a growing international brand, we believe BitPay will benefit our customers.“

Crypto trader Sonny Singh also refers to the international clientele:

„Bitcoin’s acceptance will help Birks Group serve its international high-end customers and attract new crypto trader, while providing an innovative and secure payment method for crypto trader“.

Most Birks branches with Bitcoin acceptance points are located in Vancouver and Montreal. In addition to jewelry, Birks Group also sells other luxury products such as watches from Rolex, Breitling, Bulgari and other high-priced brands.

Second strike for BitPay

This step shows that the view of the crypto currency is slowly changing in Canada. A year ago, the focus of Canadian crypto friends was clearly on the investment aspect. Even if the Bitcoin acceptance in the luxury segment means at most a small step for the mass adaptation of crypto currencies – the fact that Birk has chosen Bitcoin & Co. as a payment option despite the bear year is a good sign.

For the crypto payment service provider BitPay this week is already the coup in North America. As BTC-ECHO only reported on 26 November, the US state of Ohio also wants to fall back on BitPay. There, companies can already pay various taxes to the tax authorities in BTC. Ohio also plans to give citizens the opportunity to pay taxes in Bitcoin in the medium term.

The German Bundestag is also increasingly dealing with Bitcoin and Blockchain. In a blockchain hearing the demand for a „Marshall Plan“ for Germany became loud. More information about the current state of the Blockchain ecosystem in Germany can be found here.

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